Personal Injury

Personal injury law involves lawsuits or civil cases where one individual claims that he or she was subject to harm resulting from a lack of reasonable care on the part of another individual or establishment. Proving the intentions of another party is a challenge with this type of law and also why being represented by a qualified, experienced representation by an attorney is essential.

The primary purpose in personal injury law is for an individual to obtain monetary remuneration for damages caused; however, first, his or her attorney must prove to a judge that the defendant is liable for the issue, or be able to settle with the other party outside of the court room.

The most common cases involved in personal injury law are car accidents, dog bites, wrongful death, and slip and fall cases.

Car Accident

To win a personal injury case involving a car accident, one must prove that they were not responsible for the accident, or that the other party was responsible. Attorney Armen Sefyan will review police reports, eye witness statements, and other information to assemble a case supporting your side. You may be able to settle outside of court, or present your case (with Attorney Armen Sefyan) in front of a judge.

Dog Bite

If a dog bites a person, the owner or caretaker of the animal can be considered at fault and required to pay for damages. However, contrary to popular belief, the owner is not always responsible, even if he or she is present during the dog bite. In events where the owner isn’t present, the individual deemed to be responsible for the animal may be at fault.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases can be incredibly complicated, and include instances where one party is deemed to have caused the death of another without any malice and by accident. This can include fatal car accidents, failing to maintain a safe property, and other instances where one person’s lack of responsibility resulted in the death of another. Representation by Attorney Armen Sefyan is your best bet in ensuring the outcome you want and need.

Slip and Fall

Although often mocked on late-night comedy shows, slip and fall laws are a subset of liability law, and involve cases where a person slips on a walking surface, trips over an obstruction in a walking surface, or falls due to the ill-maintenance of a walking surface. Although every case is different, these cases typically involve the injured party and the owner of the property.

Proving liability or proving that one was not liable is vital in personal injury cases where a trusted attorney can provide the best chance of achieving your desired outcome.